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Are you confused about home loans? – fixed rates, variable rates, introductory rates, equity loans, offset accounts, redraw facilities…not to mention refinancing an existing home loan!

Your mortgage is probably going to be the biggest expense you will ever have, so you need to make sure you make the right choice. With such an important decision, whom can you place your trust in?

Will it be a lender with only their own product to sell, a franchised loan shop where you are unsure of what real experience the advisor has, perhaps a do it yourself website?

If you are in the market for a home loan, at Preferred Mortgages, we offer you a smarter way to a better mortgage.

As members of various Broker Associations, we use the latest research and software to help choose the right loan for you. We also operate under a strict Code of Ethics to ensure that you receive the best service possible.

We help you find the best loan for you, suited to your needs. You have a choice major banks and many other leading mortgage providers.

You may be surprised at some of the innovative ways in which we can structure loans to help meet your particular needs.

Deal with professionals who are experienced and know what they are talking about. We know how complex financing can be and can in most cases provide you with a number of options suitable for your situation.

Are you sick of taking time off to hunt around for your loan from one lender to the next? Well we think you have done enough running around already just finding your property. So we will come to you when and where it suits you.

With interest rates at their current levels, this may be the best time to refinance and save. Choosing the right loan can save you many thousands and early repayment of your mortgage.

If you are looking for a home loan or would like a free appraisal on whether you could save yourself some money through refinancing, give us a call. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our Team will arrange finance for:

First Home Buyers, Building a New Home, Buying a New Home, Replacing your Home, Refinancing, Restructuring, Wealth Creation, Retirement Planning, Debt Consolidation and Re-fixing existing mortgages.